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09 Jul, 2023

How to dominate your Cashflow with Gordon Stein

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Gordon Stein is an international keynote speaker, blogger, personal finance expert and author of Cashflow Cookbook – $2 Million of Financial Freedom in 60 Easy Recipes. He delivers transformational talks that help people crush their number one stress – their finances.   His mission is to improve financial wellness and help his audience regain focus, balance and joy in their lives. Gordon combines his trademark wit and no-BS style to speak with employee and association groups, financial advisors and the media about a breakthrough path to financial wellness with no risk, minimal effort, minimal sacrifice and no budgeting.
In this podcast we discuss how can average people find a path to financial freedom?
Is there a way to financial wellness without budgeting?
What is the first step to reduce financial stress?
How can our listeners add $1 million to their wealth?
How can I pay down debt with making sacrifices?
How can I earn 7% on my money when the banks pay less than 1%?
What is the most important number to track?
What was the most interesting savings area from your research?
What 3 changes could our listeners make today to build wealth?
How can you attain financial freedom without taking any risk?
We cover this through Gordon’s book Cashflow Cookbook.
To learn more about Gordon Stein and the wonderful work he is doing to empower people across the world to get control of their finances and build wealth go to Gordon Stein.