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15 May, 2023

Helping Men Have it all – Success, Love & Happiness with Greg Gillies

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Husband, Father of 3, Entrepreneurial Businessman, Coach, Mentor, Business Consultant and Digital Marketing Expert Greg understand the Pressures and Demands of Married Businessmen, we carry the weight of the World on our shoulders as we work hard to build a Successful Life, whilst supporting Family, Friends, Staff, Colleagues & clients usually leaving us Energetically Drained with Lack of Time for ourselves…
After 20+ years of Hustle, Grind, Success and Failures in the Corporate World then working even harder to build his own businesses… Greg found himself with a lot of Materialistic Success but on the inside felt like something was missing, leaving him Stressed, Confused & Incomplete… He had achieved everything he thought would make him happy but wasn’t… Then to deal with all the Stress, Pressure and Self Doubt Greg used Alcohol to drink it down & numb the pain….
In 2016 he hit the lowest point of his Life Mentally, spiralling into Burn-out and Breakdown! Greg finally surrendered and asked his wife to help him get help!
This is what happened next…
We unpack the Alpha Male Syndrome and the trappings of expectation around being a “successful male” and what success looks like.
Greg shares what he believes are the norms for men’s behaviour namely that they have been unhealthy growing up in a culture of “harden up, drink your beer and watch the footy.”
He shares the importance of the skill of listening and that as men we are no longer just providers.
We learn that it’s OK to speak your truth to share with other men what you are going through.
Greg opens up around the differences between the “old ways” of thinking and how we need to not treat our relationships like a business, like another transaction. We are reminded that Men are black and white and women are like the rainbow. It’s about really listening to our partners.
We discuss the value of sleep. Greg shares that the 2 best things anyone can do straight away is “dial in your sleep and hydration.” It’s where we rest and repair. We need to calm our nervous system down in order to get our sleep right.
Greg talks about his target market which is successful driven married businessmen. His mission is the ripple effect and he explains what this looks like.
Greg looks at the role fear plays in the success of these men. Fear drives them.
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