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03 Jul, 2023

Creating Whole Mind Body Health to Evolve Beyond Dark Places with Mark Bunn & Raamon Newman

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In this podcast I speak with former professional AFL footballer (a very ‘inglorious one he says) turned Health Speaker and Author of Australia’s best-selling health book “Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health” Mr. Mark Bunn.

After completing an Honours Degree in Exercise Physiology, a demanding course of studies deeply entrenched in western health science, he realized years of studying this hadn’t provided the holistic answers to health and contentment he was looking for. A volunteer trip to South East Asia to work for an aid group changed all that.

Mark is creating a SHIFT in our thinking about health, happiness, high-performance and higher consciousness.

“We’ve never had more access to health information – everywhere we turn, there’s a new diet, a new medication, a new exercise regime – yet we’re more stressed, depressed, sleepless and overweight than we’ve ever been before.”

We dive into Marks experiences and wisdom for creating whole mind body health to evolve beyond dark places by discussing the following:

How he went from being an inglorious football star to a total health expert.

Riding with the waves and laws of nature so life is a flow and joy.

Why societal connection is more important than diet and exercise.

Why being a light into someone else darkness is the most powerful antidote

What is means to water the roots of your health to enjoy the fruits.

Steps to rebooting yourself after losing meaning in life.

Why being of service and allowing yourself to be served can change everything.

How just giving what you can makes a huge difference to others.

Doing things you normally wouldn’t do to break the cycle of being in a dark place.

Three things you can do to create whole mind body health to evolve beyond being in a dark place.

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