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Helping Adversity Survivors to rediscover their Passion Purpose and Freedom with James Peters

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Today on the Saving Brothers Podcast it is my pleasure to catch up with James Peters a Transformational Mindset Coach and Jay Shetty Certified Coach.

James has been on one heck of a journey and his speciality is working with and helping to motivate “adversity survivors” so they can rediscover their true self.

James coaches and inspires “Adversity Survivors” navigate between the in-between situations of life, so they can rediscover their passion, purpose, and freedom by providing them with a personalised coaching plan for success.

James shares his own story of pain and grief from 2017 of losing his dad, a son and then being accussed of a crime he did not commit, being in jail and having to deal with the fear and pain of a trial that could have lead to a 20 year prison sentence.

James had to develop some incredible mindset skills to deal with this and we discuss just how he was able to make incredible changes in how he deals with adversity and has been able to overcome his own personal struggles to propel him forward in to the man he is now in being able to serve others.

James shares the turning points in his own journey.

I ask James how he was able to get through the dark moments particularly when you are lying in bed in a cell at night.

We unpack what the experience for James was like when he first reached out for help and how important meditation and changing his self talk were in creating ever lasting change.

We take a look at James’ grief recovery process and what this was.

I ask James how he copes now with negative emotions and feelings?

James is now a certified Jay Shetty Coach and I ask him how this came about. As someone who has seen Jay speak live I was fascinated about this.

James shares with our listeners who his ideal clients are and how he helps them.

James is one of the Resident Coaches at Saving Brothers and his area of specialty is working with Adversity Survivors. Knowing how focused and committed James is to his clients and his craft I can attest this is an inspiring Podcast.