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15 Jun, 2023

Happiness and How to have More of it with Tom Glaser

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Also known as the “Senior Happiness Superhero,” Tom Glaser is a life coach, psychologist, and speaker with over 35 years of experience. Whether counselling, teaching, or appearing in the media, his passion for helping people live their best lives flows through. A dog lover, gardener, and yoga teacher, he and his husband are based in Minneapolis but spend as much time as possible in the Southern California desert.

Tom presents an engaging program on the subject of his book, Full Heart Living. He examines in a very interactive way the subject of happiness, and how to achieve it in a lasting and permanent way.

I ask Tom “Why is happiness important and surely there are other, more pressing matters people should attend to?”

We chat about what individuals can do to be happier…

Tom shares what he means by The Relationships Reset?

We delve in to The Resilience Reboot – three Pathways to Resilience: Body, Mind, and Heart. I ask Tom what this is?

Tom shares how his book Full Heart Living came about and we look at how Tom helps people achieve happiness.

To learn more about the work Tom is doing you can find him at his website Full Heart Living