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04 May, 2023

Great Things are Happening Everyday with Phil Barth

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In 2015 Phil Barth suffered a “small heart attack” (according to his doctor).  After surgery he was told to “manage my stress or get ready for a big heart attack”. Phil heeded the warnings and set about lowering his stress, and wrote a best selling book about the journey “Great Things Happen Every Day – Finding Joy with Family, Friends and Banana Milkshakes”. Through the journey he discovered nine tricks to managing stress (Phil calls them the Nine S’s of Successful Stress Management).
For almost six years Phil has published a daily list: Great things that happened today. Each day Phil celebrates the great things that happened. Since he started this journey he’s met some fascinating people, discovered new recipes and celebrated life oh and in his own words…” I’ve laughed a lot.”
Phil talks about the importance of setting your day up the right way and gives us some insights in to his A,B,C,D.
Phil’s motto is “The way you start the day is the way you live the day.”
Whilst Phil is known for being super happy I ask him if he has bad days and if so how does he deal with them?
I ask Phil about books he would recommend our audience should read.
We discuss optimism vs pessimism and how some people can change the temperate in the room…Look for what’s good!
Phil shares how optimism is about creating habits.
We take a look at sleep and managing stress and the role it plays in optimism.
Phil shares his final piece of advice to brothers around the world…