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15 Sep, 2023

Get Yourself Right First then Everything Else will fall in to Place With Dr. Zed

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Dr. Scott Zarcinas aka Dr. Zed believes that if you “Get yourself right first, then everything else will fall into place.” For him it is the essence of ‘transformology’, his specialty.

As the Creator of “The Breakthrough Solution Dr. Zed believes there are 3 key things we need to get right. His training is there to help you “Live the Life You Want, The Way You Want, How You Want.”

Today Scott discusses what are the steps to getting clarity and direction in your life?

He helps us to understand what we can do to succeed and be happier.

We explore time management and Dr. Zed shares some ways we can better manage our time. He gives us some of the best tools of the trade for time management.

We are all on a path to somewhere but to where??… Dr. Zed helps us to make sure we are on the right path. He goes over what we should avoid if we want to be more effective and productive.

We discuss some of the benefits of having a transformational coach/mentor.

Dr. Zed share some of his tips, tricks, tools, and teachings out there to make YOUR life better and some ideas that YOU can implement NOW to help you instantly.

Finally Scott shares what he hopes to bring to Saving Brothers.