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22 Mar, 2023

Gender Equality & Why we Are Still Falling Short with Sandra D’Souza

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This time I catch up with Sandra D’Souza the CEO and Founder of Ellect. Sandra is a Gender Equality Advocate.

I ask Sandra how she got in to creating a business in Gender Equality.

Sandra shares her brainchild Ellect Stars and what it’s all about. She explains that Ellect is focused on helping businesses to achieve their ESG Goals in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Sandra gives us insight in to the two products of Ellect namely Ellect Stars in Gender Equality and Supplier Diversity Marketplace.

It’s 2022 and I ask her why are we still not achieving Gender Equality?

What is ESG and how is that helping with Gender Equality in Business?

We chat about the challenges and pushback that Sandra has experienced so far in her business.

Sandra shares the benefits to Corporates in ensuring gender diversity and the positive impact it’s having on “the bottom line”…Profits.

To finish on a high note I ask Sandra what can we all do to be an agent for Change in creating Gender
Equality in the workplace.

A frank and overdue discussion and a must listen for all those who really care about equality in the world and in business.