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22 Apr, 2023

From Booze to Brilliance It Starts with One Thing with Leanne Spencer

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Leanne Spencer is a keynote speaker and wellbeing consultant and has specialised in wellbeing for over ten years. Leanne has over 13 qualifications in exercise and nutrition but began her career in sales and spent over 15 years working in the City of London before leaving in 2012 to set up an award-winning wellbeing company, after suffering from burnout. Leanne is the bestselling author of three books, hosts a podcast and is a Bear Grylls Survival Instructor. She lives in South London with her partner and two cats but escapes to the countryside whenever possible.

Leanne shares how she was bored and unfulfilled, and self-medicating against her increasing stress levels with alcohol (lots of it, daily). She found herself looking at the little clock on her PC wishing the hours away until 5pm and Friday came. She felt like she was wasting her life, bouncing from pay day to pay day and living in an increasingly unsustainable way.

Leanne starts out sharing about the importance of sleep and that includes the role it plays in fitness. Leanne highlights the role of sleep and gut health, your microbiome. This all has a strong bearing on mental health.

Leanne coaches around the following 6 signals – Sleep, Mental Health, Energy, Body Composition, Digestion & Fitness.

We discuss the signs of burnout. There are red flags and Leanne shares “The 12 stages of Burnout” 

Leanne defines these Red flags in an Acronym as R – Rage E – Emptiness, D – Despondency or Depression, F – Fatigue, L – Low Mood, A – Anhedonia, G – Guilt, S- Self Doubt or Low Self Esteem. To access this go to

I ask Leanne how her thinking has evolved in terms of health and fitness? She talks about doing one thing at a time. Just start out with one thing #onething

We circle back to the changes Leanne made and once again you guessed it…it started with sleep. Leanne shares the importance of Sleep & how she started to value it & how much sleep we need. We discuss Sleep Currency – So many of us are deeply in debt!

Meditation and how she see’s it as a rest.

We look at Leanne’s core beliefs about fitness and what it really means to be fit?

What are your non-negotiables around health and wellbeing? Leanne talks about blood sugar regulation has a direct correlation to longevity. We need to watch out for those spikes in blood sugar, blood sugar oscillations & what triggers this. The impact on us metabolically.

Leanne shares how the use of exercise can bring down your blood sugar. It’s about having stable energy throughout the day.

What does it mean to be fit for the rigours of daily life?

What are we seeing a surge in cases of burnout at the moment?

I asked Leanne what are her core beliefs about fitness and what it really means to be fit?

We also discuss Men’s Mental Health and how they seem to get lost along the journey. Leanne references Tyson Fury and how he’s speaking openly about his own challenges with Mental Health.

Leanne shares some of the initiatives in the Corporate World around Mental Health.

We look at what Leanne refers to finding something that “lights you up!”

A wonderful reminder of the importance of self love and self care.

To learn more about the work Leanne is doing go to Leanne Spencer Keynote Speaker, Wellbeing Speaker & Burnout Expert