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From Addiction to Empowerment…Yes HOPE really does exist with Kerrie Atherton

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Kerrie Atherton, founder of EMPOWER Life Solutions has been working with individuals and families for many years now helping them through traumatic events in their lives and empowering them through counselling, therapy and community connection to find healing, purpose and HOPE.

Kerrie has experienced much trauma in her own life. After coming out the other side of a pill addiction and alcoholism herself at an early age, her passion was forged to help heal others experiencing pain in their lives. As a result, she has a genuine desire to see people recover and go on to become the best version of themselves as possible. Kerrie also has a great desire to inspire the masses with this message, ‘No matter what you have gone through in life, recovery and HOPE are definitely possible’.

Kerrie has over 30 years experience walking alongside those battling the cycle and the devastating effects of drug and alcohol addictions amongst other things, and using effective counselling techniques such as Mindfulness and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy has seen many of her clients not only walk free from their past, but into their destiny to a life far greater than they ever imagined.

I ask Kerrie what led you down the path of addictions?

5 Years ago Kerrie hit rock bottom and this lead her to start Stories of HOPE. Kerrie shares about some of the people in her Stories of HOPE books.

We chat about Kerrie’s Worldwide Podcast and new book LIGHTBULB which is coming out soon to help men who are struggling.

Kerrie works with men and women struggling with mental health but her works sees her wanting to support men in particular and I ask her why that is?

We chat about why educating people in mental health first aid is so important and how it helps reduce the suicide rate which is much higher in men.

We delve in to some of the reasons people don’t seek help for mental health and how can we as a society change that.

Kerrie talks a lot about letting go of shame and why is this so important?

To learn more about Kerrie and the work she is doing go to Empower Life Solutions