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30 Mar, 2023

From Addiction through Recovery to Global Leadership Coach with Danny Hamm

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Tonight on The Saving Brothers Podcast I catch up with my Brother Danny Hamm who is The “Ambassador for Gratitude.”

Danny was in an automobile accident several years ago where he ended up addicted to painkillers after being rear ended. From there it was a progression to heavier drugs that resulted in a downwards spiral of drug addiction. He thought he could beat this on his own but ultimately hit rock bottom.

Fortunately Danny has fought back from the depths of a destructive mindset and lifestyle to being a Global leader where he now hosts webinars for people all over the world and works with people as a leadership and strategy coach.

Danny is passionate about having a positive impact on people’s lives and inspiring others to do the same. He leads by example in everything he does…Yes this man walks the talk.

Danny shares that you need to take action and it’s one day at a time.

If you are searching for some inspiration this episode is a must.