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10 Nov, 2023

Financial Wellbeing – Less About Numbers & More about Attitude & Approach with Peter Handberg

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Today on the Podcast I catch up with my brother Peter Handberg who talks about the importance of getting your mindset right for building wealth for a comfortable retirement.

Money is one of the greatest stressors for men and the expectations and pressures of being a man and the “Main Breadwinner” in most households cannot be underestimated.

I ask Peter what is it about the WEALTH aspect that you think is so important to the overall mix?

We discuss how significant the “Money Aspect” is to leading a happy life.

Peter shares what we need to do to get this sorted and gives our listeners tips on how to get some “Quick Wins.” to get things moving in the right direction.

I ask Peter what he thinks we should all be aiming for when it comes to “good money management.”

We look at the mystery around why we don’t automatically put financial advice on the shortlist when it comes to getting things sorted in good times or bad…

Peter unpacks the dangers of just “sitting on your hands” and doing nothing and where taking this Non-Action and Self-Responsibility is going to “catch up with you” down the track!

Peter touches on Superannuation and the 401K (for those of our listeners in the U.S.A) and gives some fantastic insights on how you can get your Superannuation working more cost effectively.

Peter shares examples of making “bad decisions” and what this can look like but on a positive note he also shares examples of “good decisions” and the knock on effect of this.

We discuss some of the common pitfalls and mistakes people are making and how important it is as a Financial Facilitator that by making the “money journey” and what it can look like in reality for people is the way to go.

Peter helps our listeners understand the importance of creating a “road map” and how much fun it can be when you take control of “YOUR” money that the flow on effect it has for both your Health and Self.