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23 Feb, 2023

Financial Wellbeing – It’s Played Above The Shoulders with Mick de Haan

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Mick is the Co-Founder and Financial Wellness Leader of Quantum Leap Global, a business established to ignite human and business potential.

He is a global speaker and expert with a focus on client’s financial wellbeing and transforming negative financial mindsets and beliefs to help them live their best life.

His vision is to empower people to create more joy, freedom and growth through financial wellbeing because he has witnessed and overcome the negative impact of financial stress.

After living with financial stress for over 25 years, he experienced anxiety, clinical depression and cancer, which also led to his first marriage breakdown. His turning point was realising his financial limiting beliefs had caused constant stress and related issues in my life.

Mick is very open and shares his own journey and how he was able to rebuild himself in relation to his relationship with and beliefs around money.

We take a look at how societal norms and conditioning affect Men, in particular around money.

I ask Mick what are some of the beliefs and behaviours with Men that create financial stress, which impacts their overall health and relationships?

How do you transform these beliefs and behaviours to support Men to live a life of joy and abundance?

With typically not being good at expressing what their needs are we explore how this impacts their relationships and what tools or strategies Mick has that he can share that will support Men to tap into and share what their needs are.

I ask Mick why is it important for Men to tap into their emotions, and what are their emotions telling them.

Mick shares some examples of the work he does and some success stories.

For any man who has had issues around money this is a must listen.