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15 Nov, 2023

Empowering YOU to Speak with Confidence with Mike Acker Executive Communication Coach

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Mike Acker’s life reads like an adventure movie from drug smuggling parents, to smuggling Bibles into communist China (in the 80’s), to attending public inner city school in Mexico, to several near death experiences, and to overcoming insecurity to inspire audiences of over 10,000… In Mike’s own words his life is a story of good, bad, and ugly circumstances to which I had to adjust and learn to conquer with confidence.
is an executive communication coach, a keynote speaker, and the author of ten books including the bestselling Speak With No Fear and the upcoming Speak with Confidence, published by Wiley. Mike is a recognized expert in communication and executive presence.
We discuss what lead Mike to write a book called “Speak with Confidence”?
Mike shares his framework for Executive Presence and Speaking with Confidence.  
One of the current Buzzwords is “Impostor Syndrome”? Mike helps define it and we gives us strategies on how to navigate this.
Mike has been known to write “Where you are is not where you stay.” He explains to our listeners what makes this so important?
We take a look at why rejection is essential?
You use an interesting analogy about two weights you carry as a communicator and how that relates to insecurity.  Can you describe what that means and how that affects confidence?
Delivering a good speech can be influenced significantly by the things people do. Mike unpacks the importance of smiling, the pause, and breathing. 
How can we “filter” criticism or perceived criticism?
To learn about the work Mike is doing and to get a copy of any of his books head over to his website at Mike Acker