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13 Oct, 2023

Decoding The Matrix – How to live an empowered life with Dr. Vic Manzo

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Before going into Business and becoming a Spiritual Mindset Coaching, Dr. Vic Manzo was a Chiropractor for the past 11 years and within the last 5 years, a Pediatric Chiropractor who became certified in the last 2 years of business.
Vic’s story is he was taught that to be successful you must work hard.

Like many others, he was taught to work hard, grind, hustle, put in the sweat equity, sacrificing his time, money health and family and just continue doing, chasing his dreams and eventually, one day, it will all be worth it.

But, there came a moment in Vic’s life where he realized this was not the only way to be leading the life he desired, to achieving success and so much more. He finally decided to stop DOING and start focusing on the BEING side of things.

From doing all of this, he ended up working less, making more, leading a more fulfilled and soul-filled life.

Every aspect of his life (relationships, mindset, health, money and business) all transformed to higher and higher levels.

Vic started to realize that, through understanding his limiting beliefs and turning them into empowering beliefs, it allowed for him to break out of the mental prison and the unconsciousness he had with them.

We discuss why do we struggle in life?

How do we create our own rules in life?

What is the Matrix and how does it put us in a mental prison?

What are the two things that cause all diseases and illnesses?

How do we achieve our dream life effortlessly?

Dr Vic talks about his third book “Decoding the Matrix.”

To learn more about the incredible work of Dr. Vic Manzo go to his website