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Coming Clean You Can Do It with Dr. Stephan Neff

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In this episode I catch up with Dr. Stephan Neff who is passionate about demystifying mental health problems and helping the people around him live a life so full of joy that yesterday is jealous of today. Born in Germany, Stephan studied medicine at the prestigious Heidelberg University before traveling and working around the globe. Nowadays he has settled down as an anaesthetist in beautiful New Zealand and has become a bestselling author and advocate for mental health and addiction.
After all, a life time of trauma led Stephan to drown his sorrows, only to find that the critters can swim. As an alcoholic in recovery he has experienced addiction and mental health problems first hand. After successful rehabilitation Stephan is now an expert in living a life so fantastic, that alcohol simply has no role to play.
We start with Stephan’s back story and how alcohol numbed the pain to hide problems including PTSD. Stephan was a Workaholic/Alcoholic.
Stephan talks about his journey to self care to experiencing emotions and how to deal with his emotions. It’s about little steps…one at a time.
Have you ever tried to smile and be sad – Stephan shares how we move from being a victim to a survivor. 
Working with a Life Coach Stephan talks about the importance of getting his sleep sorted out and how good this was for him.
We discuss how important sleep is and how CPAP machines can help men who literally stop breathing. Stephan discusses sleep hydration.
Check out Dr. Stephan Neffs book My Steps to Sobriety