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25 Aug, 2023

Catching Up with Catharine Nixon Aka The Sleep Whisperer

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I catch up with Catharine Nixon aka The Sleep Whisperer where we unpack all things sleep related.
Catharine share’s her journey in to Healthcare from the age of 15 working in an Aged Care Facility to international travel where she became a Registered Nurse (RN) and worked in just about every hospital in London.
In 2006 Catharine moved into Commercial Healthcare with Global Sleep Health Company Resmed.
Moving back to Australia in 2010 Catharine joined ResSleep a business that over the next 5 years grew to become one of Australia’s premium and largest diagnostic and treatment providers of snoring and sleep apnea before being purchased by ResMed for strategic purposes.
In 2018 a nutraceutical gut health formula came across Catharine’s path which ignited her curiosity for learning more about gut health and the role of nutraceuticals in health.
Today I get to ask Catharine about the effects on your body and health due to a lack of sleep.
We chat about what life looks like when you have a lack of sleep and Catharine gives some insight in to some of the common symptoms associated with poor sleep.
With Sleep being so important Catharine shares her knowledge around the relationship between poor sleep and cardiac disease and Alzheimer’s and other linked problems such as Sugar Cravings and difficulty in losing weight.
We look at why people sit on their sit problems failing to take action and then finally taking action at a later date but often when it’s difficult to unwind the effects of poor sleep.
Catharine gives some tips about how to sort out sleep problems and I ask her about what I suffer from which is Obstructive Sleep Apnea. (OSA)
We tackle the impact of Covid-19 on sleep and strategies for coping in a world of increased anxiety.
Catharine tells us how as a Resident Coach she can help men break the poor sleep cycle and we learn more about the relationship between Sleep and Gut Health. She shares insights into her program of Diagnosis and a practical workable solution that men can embark on to return them to good sleep and ultimately good health.

Finally I ask Catharine about her Role as a Saving Brothers Ambassador and why she believes so passionately in the Cause.