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12 Aug, 2023

Building Resilience Self Care & How to Get in Shape with Emmy Sobieski

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Emmy was Nationally ranked in 3 Sports in the USA. – Emmy gives us an insight into what those sports are and how she came to be involved in them and what she has done recently.
She is the founder of the App My10Min. Emmy tells us what inspired her to build the App. Emmy believes we all “have 10 minutes” to exercise each day and she shows us with her App (which she built herself including the coding ) how easy it is to incorporate 10 minutes a day into your routine.
Emmy tells us about how she ran the #1 Fund in the World in 1999 and what she learnt from that. She also gives us a scoop about some fantastic courses she has coming up around Investing and how her courses will help teenagers learn about and get in to the market.
Emmy has designed courses around health, fitness and resilience and she gives our brothers some background on what her courses will offer our Members.
We chat about why Emmy thinks listening is so important and how to improve your listening skills.
Emmy gives our listeners specific tips on how to boost your EQ (Emotional Quotient) and what these tips are.
Emmy unpacks a really important topic which is self-care, how she views it and how we can all become more resilient.
I get to ask Emmy about why she decided to become not only a Resident Coach at Saving Brothers but also an Ambassador.