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25 Mar, 2023

Brownies For Breakfast & Loving Food with Lynne Bowman

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Today on the Podcast I catch up with Lynne Bowman from just out of San Francisco who wrote the Amazon Best Selling book Brownies For Breakfast. A Cookbook for Diabetics and the People Who Love Them.” Firstly we talk about Lynne’s background and why she’s so passionate about the issues around Diabetes and helping others to live longer and prosper.

Right of the bat this is a cool, fun, beautiful, guidebook for anybody who wants to eat healthy: vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten-free and sugar-free.

Lynne shares with our listeners her own story of having to deal with Gestational Diabetes over 30 years.

I ask Lynne that at age 76 why now and what started her on this quest?

Lynne reveals how her cookbook is different from other cookbooks for diabetics?

We unpack whether you need to calorie count and why most people eat badly?

Lynne’s relationship has significantly changed and one of the main things that she is a big NO NO on is Sugar. Lynne shares her thoughts and knowledge about sugar and why cutting it out of your diet and literally save your life.

I ask her if she misses sugar, or porkchops?

We discuss what’s the one new habit that would make a big difference in someone’s health?

Our wrap up draws on Lynne’s experience and I ask her what’s her final message to brothers across the world?