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07 Sep, 2023

Awakening Men’s Spiritual Power with Dan Hanneman

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In this episode we talk with Dan Hanneman who is a spiritual teacher / healer / channeler and intuitive business coach.

Dan enables spiritual entrepreneurs, healers, coaches, thought Leaders, trainers, authors & consultants DO WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO BE and DO by rocking their sacred purpose.

Dan leads a successful multi-6-figure international healing business that serves lightworkers, healers, and spiritual entrepreneurs around the globe to awaken deeply, claim their Infinite Power, get clear on their authentic desires, live a truly abundant life, and align them with their sacred purpose… and help them grow their businesses to 6-figures and beyond.

He’s transformed his own struggle of FEELING INVISIBLE to taking a stand for his true being to BE INVINCIBLE in living his sacred purpose, owning his gifts, sharing them with the world, helping many thousands of lightworkers / healers / spiritual entrepreneurs around the world, owning his worth, clearing disconnects between money and spirituality, learning how to effectively share and offer transformations to people.

He has a beautiful wife, 3 children, and a sense of wellbeing about his overall life that continues to deepen in having a feeling of DEEP FREEDOM to be, do, and have whatever he truly desires.

In this episode we cover such topics as:

  • What it means to awaken your masculine spiritual power.
  • Find and connect with infinite freedom no matter what is going on.
  • Going beyond self judgement and self-sabotage.
  • What Dan went through to find his inner and outer sacred purpose.
  • Dan’s journey from experiencing toxic masculinity to deepen awakened masculinity.
  • Letting go of narratives that don’t serve and finding ones that do.
  • 3 steps to tune in with your sacred purpose based on who you are.
  • Using masculine energy from a centered place through the power of self-inquiry and frequency.
  • Relating to acquiring money from a spiritual perspective.

Find out more about Dan and his work at