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16 Feb, 2023

Autism What’s It All About with Isaac Lappin.

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Today I catch up with Autism Advocate and the founder of Autistic Angels Isaac Lappin.

We explore just what it’s like being a man with Autism and not only that an Autistic man with ADHD.

How was it growing up and being with others?

I ask Isaac what he feels have been the hurdles of having autism?

How does he find Social situations from a one on one to being in a crowd?

What do Autistic people typically do when confronted with crowds? Being social & excepted is the main hurdle for an autistic person.

We talk about Being & feeling; emotions- Isaac is a very positive person and we unpack what he does for relaxation.

Isaac shares with our listeners what he’s experienced in life as an autistic person & father as both he and his son Achilles both started out life with Autism.

We learn about the importance of having a great partner in life and Isaac is fortunate to have a patient and understanding wife Aimee that has made a huge difference for how he interacts with others and his world.

I ask Isaac what do you think are the pros & cons of being Autistic? Isaac talks about our strengths of focus & picture memory which has helped develop his passion for health & wellness and the ability to  study body movement. Isaac explains how Austic people see things…it’s all about Facts. They are very task orientated.

Some of the qualities positive qualities of autism include…

  • Memorising and learning information quickly.
  • May excel (if able) in academic areas such as science, engineering and mathematics as they are technical and logical subjects that do not heavily rely on social interaction.
  • Having an extraordinarily good memory (being able to remember facts for a long period of time).
  • Exceptional honesty and reliability.
  • Being dependable regarding schedules and routines.
  • Be very punctual
  • Able to concentrate for long periods of time when motivated.
  • A drive for perfection and order.
  • A capability for alternate problem solving.

The cons of being autistic include under or over- reacting to one’s own senses which is a symptom of Autism Spectrum Disorder. (ASD) These senses include sight, touch, smell, movement and taste, but for many people, the stereotypical image of autism involves the sense of hearing. It’s the image of a child with his hands covering his ears, blocking out noise.

Isaac has an incredible energy and through is organisation Autistic Angels he is able to work with children and men around the relationship between movement and language.

I ask Isaac why he started Autistic Angels and what is it’s purpose?

Finally Isaac provides advice for others on the spectrum and how Saving Brothers can provide a place of community for brothers and their families.