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06 Apr, 2023

An Inside-Out Perspective of Schizophrenia with Dale Walsh

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Dale takes us in to the world of Schizophrenia. In his Coaching he has built skills to help give clients the tools to have meaningful dialogue with their loved ones, improving family interactions. His unique “inside-out” perspective of schizophrenia, having experienced both sides of the illness from deep psychosis to recovered freedom has been a life saviour for families. Dale creates a non-judgmental space where family members can express their frustrations and anxiety at their daily challenges.

Dale has invented a new coaching method: LIVELOVE= Learn-Integrate-Validate-Explore Listen-Observe-Value-Express.

This approach truly allows Dale a platform to transform perceptions, mindsets and, ultimately, the lives of his clients as he teaches them to cope with the stresses of having a seriously ill love one.

I ask Dale what exactly is schizophrenia and why is it such a problem?
What does recovery from schizophrenia look like?
What does he consider the greatest challenge of his clients?
How does one deal with psychotic anger?
How important is medication to recovery and is it a life-long requirement?
What are the dangers of drug and alcohol use?
What is the biggest obstacle to recovery?
What are other issues for clients such as anxiety in themselves?
What should clients do if their loved one refuses treatment.
This is a frank and open discussion about an often misunderstood illness that needs to be talked about.
Please note… A slight technical problem at the start due to an internet issue.