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06 Nov, 2023

A Deep Dive in to Male on Male Violence with Brad Mewhort

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Brad Mewhort is no stranger to violence among males, both as the victim and, much to his regret, as a perpetrator in his youth. For the past two decades, Brad has been working to heal himself and create a sense of inner peace.
Since 2014, he has also been teaching and supporting other men on their healing journeys by facilitating groups and through individual coaching sessions that include body-based healing experiences and contemplative practices. Brad has received extensive training and holds certifications in developmental coaching, somatic practices, group facilitation, and transformative change.

Brad believes that helping men to heal from violence and to find peace within themselves is a key to enabling humanity and all of life on earth to flourish.

How prevalent is male-on-male violence in our society?

How is male-on-male violence viewed in our culture?

How does violence affect the boys and men who are involved with it or experience it?

What leads someone to be violent?

Tell us about your book – “The Peaceful Man: Heal Within Yourself the Personal Effects and Historic Patterns of Male-on-Male Violence”.

How can men heal from the violence that they’ve experienced?

Why is it important for men to heal from their experiences with violence?

To learn more about Brad and the work he is doing in this space plus access his book go the The Peaceful Man