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27 Oct, 2023

A Day in the Paddock with Mal Spencer

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Today on the Saving Brothers Podcast I have the pleasure of catching up with Mal Spencer Life Balance & Wellness Coach.

Mal shares his journey and stories of working in regional and outback communities across Australia.

He helped deliver telecommunications services to remote aboriginal communities. From the install of the 1st phone box on Canning Stock Route to the latest world technology in satellite and fibre optics.

Mal spent 20 years in South East Asia particularly Thailand and Laos where he was able to pick up on string heritage culture, spiritual enlightenment beliefs and the ethics of people.

He has worked with mining, farming and construction and has seen the best and worst of human behaviour. Mal has seen what a mental health disorder can do; loneliness, anxiety, depression the fear of not fitting in or being good enough & working in isolation in rough conditions and in dangerous situations. This tests the grit of an individual, sometimes win sometimes lose.

I ask Mal what his focus is in life now and what has lead to that change in focus?

We explore the type of character needed to achieve these goals.

As a father I ask Mal how he sees the future for our young people and what are the issues surrounding our lives now.

Mal reflects on the things that have helped in how he feels with is mentoring and coaching he is able to add value.

We look at character building and the things that make you stronger and Mal shares his weaknesses and what they have taught him.

Mal has a special affiliation with Outback Communities and realises the immense pressure Itinerant workers face in keeping relationships going and his way of Coaching and having a Conversation is really helpful in ensuring families of this workforce have the skills to navigate this tricky time particularly when enduing long times of family separation.

As Mal is a Saving Brothers Ambassador I also ask him what he hopes to bring to our Global Community.

Spend an hour in the Paddock with Mal as he shares his journey in this special yarn with me.