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27 Jan, 2023

3 Keys to More Leadership Mastery in 2022 with Raamon Newman

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In this Episode with Resident Coach Raamon Newman he shares some fantastic examples of what can be achieved with Leadership Mastery.

Raamon shares how a Client achieved a $1.1B M&A, a major coup with investors positively supporting and the share price has responded accordingly.

We learn about what are the keys that make the difference in how you conduct yourself and live with the CEO role you have, be it yourself, your home, team, company or organization?

The Keys to More Leadership Mastery in 2022.

1. Remaining balanced mentally, emotionally and physically.

2. Knowing what you and others really want and why.

3. Be passionately, purposefully and practically strategic in utilizing the resources you have.

Raamon delivers on developing your consciousness to raise the quality of thinking, decision making & income.

How Consciousness strengthens your mind so it’s not a football to people and circumstances, strengthening the mind you strengthen everything else.

Why is a good high level of consciousness primary to your mental and physical health.

Raamon finishes this episode with Consciousness and how it is the greatest purifier of problems and identifier of opportunities.