Past Podcasts

22 Dec 2021

Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease with Associate Professor Steve Macfarlane

Today I catch up with Associate Professor Steve Macfarlane. Steve graduated from Monash University in 1991 and in 2003 qualified as a Psychiatrist and has...
15 Dec 2021

Parent Alienation and Mental Health with Phil Gray

Phil Gray is a man who is passionate about Men’s Mental and Physical Health as well as parenting issues – in particular being a leading...
03 Dec 2021

Positive Intelligence and Mental Fitness with Karen Richards

Today on the Saving Brothers Podcast I catch up with Karen Richards one of our Resident Coaches. Karen is based in The United Kingdom and...
24 Nov 2021

The World of Affiliate Marketing with Matt Cooke & James Hancox

Today I catch up Matt Cooke from The U.K. and James Hancox also from the U.K. but currently residing in Spain. Both lads are 29...
23 Nov 2021

Protection and It’s Purpose in Leadership with Raamon Newman

This week I caught up with CEO of New Mavericks Raamon Newman. Raamon is a Saving Brothers Resident Coach and is a fellow TM Transcendental...
17 Nov 2021

Trauma Therapy What’s It all About with Rachel Sutherland

This evening I catch up with Rachel Sutherland a Trauma & Abuse Therapist from  Suffolk in England. Rachel is a Qualified Master NLP Practitioner in...
10 Nov 2021

Financial Wellbeing – Less About Numbers & More about Attitude & Approach with Peter Handberg

Today on the Podcast I catch up with my brother Peter Handberg who talks about the importance of getting your mindset right for building wealth...
03 Nov 2021

Helping Adversity Survivors to rediscover their Passion Purpose and Freedom with James Peters

Today on the Saving Brothers Podcast it is my pleasure to catch up with James Peters a Transformational Mindset Coach and Jay Shetty Certified Coach. James...
27 Oct 2021

A Day in the Paddock with Mal Spencer

Today on the Saving Brothers Podcast I have the pleasure of catching up with Mal Spencer Life Balance & Wellness Coach. Mal shares his journey and...

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