Keep 5 Alive

Take the challenge for a happier, healthier life.

There is a common saying that knowledge is power. But the reality is, action is power. For without action, nothing moves forward.

Three men hold their hands outstretched, signifying the 5 steps in the Saving Brothers Keep 5 Alive program

Keep 5 Alive: 5 simple steps for a healthier life

As a platform and movement for men’s health globally, we have developed and are patenting Keep 5 Alive.

The #keep5alive program is holding men accountable for their physical and mental health. It is men setting an example for others to aspire to. Because let’s face it, we’re more likely to listen to a friend but not necessarily to a medical professional, are we right?

We want to help as many men as possible be proactive (not just reactive) with their physical health.

The Keep 5 Alive program keeps us accountable with regular check-ins and check ups.

When we follow 5 simple steps we’ll see more men live happier, healthier, longer lives. And in turn, we know that we’ll also positively impact our spouses, families, and children.
Encourage 5 of your mates to
Check in with yourself
How you are feeling out of 10? If you're having a low day reach out to a friend!
Begin to move. Changing your physiology can change your thoughts and has great health benefits.
See a doctor

Ask them to check heart, cholesterol, prostate, bowel, and diabetes risk as part of a general check up once a year. 

Appreciate the good things
Take time to think of 5 people or moments you are grateful for. Practicing gratitude offers physical, mental and social benefits.
Check in with mates
Ask 5 men each week how their day is going out of 10. Follow up with another question when they answer.
Join our community
If you want to really step up in life - in your health, self and/or wealth - then become a Saving Brothers Member today.
So here’s what you can do today to step into a better way of living:
Take action!

Start with checking in with yourself. Take the dog for a walk (or just walk up the street and back). Book a doctor's appointment.

Small steps lead to big change.

Sharing is caring!

Share what you are doing on your social media channels with a quick video or post using the hashtag #keep5alive.

Provide progress updates and inspire other brothers to take the pledge.


5 brothers to take the #keep5alive challenge. 

Share this page with them and get them to take the #keep5alive pledge.

Just copy and paste this URL into your social media channels, text message or email body:

Be the reason your buddy goes and gets checked.