How To Quit Smoking – Even If You’re Not Quite Ready

Natalie Clays is a quit smoking expert with Allen Carr’s Easyway and former 2 pack a day smoker. Having used the method herself to quit smoking easily and happily, she now shares this technique and helps others to find freedom from the smoking trap.

Have you ever wondered how to give up smoking, even though you feel that now might not be the best time or you’re not quite ready? Is it even possible?

The answer is yes, absolutely it’s possible, providing you have the correct information to begin with. 

Many men resent having to seek help to quit smoking. They feel that they should be strong enough to do it themselves using willpower. But it isn’t a lack of willpower that makes it hard to quit – it’s a conflict of wills. It’s the conflict of wanting to quit, but also still wanting to smoke. This conflict can make quitting extremely difficult and unpleasant.

The main issue smokers face is that they believe they’re giving something up or making a sacrifice. We’ve been so brainwashed by society and by the manufacturers to believe that smoking relieves stress and boredom, helps us relax or concentrate and that the cravings will be unbearable, when in fact, the truth is that smoking causes stress and anxiety, is boring and depressing, and cravings are 99% mental and 1% physical.

The reason most methods have such a poor success rate is that they address the physical but not the psychological.

Let’s look at this question another way. Do you want to be a smoker for the rest of your life? 

Absolutely no way, no smoker does.

What this means is that you want to quit smoking one day…but right now you’re either too scared or just simply don’t know how to.

As smokers we’ll always make excuses to put off the dreaded day:

I’m not ready; now isn’t the right time for me

I have too much stress in my life at the moment

I can’t afford it right now

I’ll feel deprived and that I’m missing out

I need to get through this or that social event

I won’t be able to go to the pub with my mates and enjoy a beer

The withdrawals will be awful

Life will never be the same again

There’s only one true reason why we make all of these excuses, and it’s fear.

Fear of missing out, fear of loss, fear of losing our best friend, fear of having to go through awful withdrawals, fear of going through the rest of our lives feeling miserable and deprived.

All of this fear is caused by the cigarette, not relieved by it. Non-smokers don’t have it.

During my 15 years as a quit smoking facilitator I’ve seen thousands of smokers and there have been a good number who have absolutely, categorically told me they do not want to quit smoking. They’re only there because a loved one has booked them in.

Of course, I always offer them a get out of jail free card and a refund which they never take.

Five hours later they’ve thrown their cigarettes in the bin and are walking out smiling, happy and feeling free, confident that they’ll never smoke again, now understanding the truth about smoking.

There’s no such thing as it not being the right time to quit smoking – only scared to quit smoking, but once you understand the truth about it, even the most committed, long term smokers can ‘give up’ smoking easily and happily and not miss it one little bit.

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