How to pick up a hobby as an adult – and why it matters

Race Redomra is the author of the book “Fit and Chilled Out- the alternative fitness culture”, and she is an expert in ‘wholistic’ personal fitness training and a first degree black belt in Zen martial arts and meditation. Race has supported people worldwide 

to achieve genuine lifelong sustainability in fitness and well-being.

Has it been all work and no play for you lately? Finding a hobby as an adult has many wonderful benefits. If you find a hobby that involves any kind of physical activity, your fitness will improve effortlessly. Who doesn’t love that?  

Doing what you love has proven mental and emotional health benefits and increases your general sense of wellbeing. We all need a bit of that. Family/ work life/ self time balance naturally falls back into a healthy place. That makes you a better partner, dad, boss, colleague and a nicer person to be around in general. 

How to find your ‘soul serenity hobbies’. 

Remembering your true nature is a very powerful and satisfying first step. 

Tune back into your true nature, the lovely elements that you were born with, the things that your very soul carried here.

Some people become disconnected through life events, and it’s easy for our true nature to get a little lost.  Finding it again can spark a new lease on life, or even a blissful spiritual awakening. Our true natures are still within us, and they only need to be rekindled.

When you acknowledge the things that make your soul happy, it generates a deep comfort and contentment.  The child spirit is running free within us, and all you need to do is revisit your childhood.  It’s time to take a journey back in time…….and remember your natural alignments, inclinations and ‘’happy places’’.  Your very soul feels it deeply when you are back on track. It just knows. 

A simple meditation is one way of doing this. No mountain climbing or zen stillness required. Meditation simply means focusing your positive attention on something.  It can be as simple as sitting quietly with a cuppa and thinking back to wonderful childhood memories.  You can do this just once or on a regular basis as part of a more routine meditation practice for as long as you need,  it’s completely up to you. 

A good place to start is remembering the favourite places where you loved to retreat. Or the places you were always excited to get back to.  Did you like being in nature? Did you like museums, libraries, workshops?  What did you like about these places exactly? 

Did you like colourful, stimulating places? Are your best memories of elegant decadent special occasions or a simple day at the beach? Do you remember the thoughtful things that you did for your family or friends that they commended you on? Do you remember the first time you did something that made someone else happy? Were you an animal lover? Did you love building stuff, or making different types of art or crafts? Music?  It’s helpful if you can remember all the little details as clearly as possible and write them down. It really helps in reconnecting with your soul’s deepest talents. 

Now, concentrate on remembering your natural personality type as a kid. Were you serious and focused on your activity until it was finished?  Were you dedicated and liked a routine, or were you more easy going, naturally gravitating to your projects when the mood simply took you? 

Revisiting beautiful memories can guide you toward rediscovering or finding a hobby, but one that is authentic to your heart and soul’s talents and desires.  The process itself can feel really nurturing, therapeutic and even cathartic.  It will get you into your ‘right brain’ thinking, your creative side, and prompt you to think outside the box about hobbies that you can embrace. 

Your identity and self-esteem will get a good healthy boost of positivity and strength too.  It can simply remind you that you are a perfect creation, a unique soul with your own deep spirituality.  Your uniqueness needs to shine brightly as an adult too.  You can shine from within, and confidently share your presence with the world. 

Volunteering, true soul serenity. 

If you are able to become a volunteer as part of your new hobby, you can contribute to your community in a way that is probably the most powerful  healing remedy for the heart and soul-  helping others.  Your self love will naturally grow significantly, further strengthening your spirituality.   You may choose to volunteer for an established organisation.  It could also be as simple as organising an important charity event yourself, or even pioneering a project that you feel deeply passionate about.     

Selfless giving, human to human, online or in person will take your soul serenity to new levels. Who wouldn’t love you for that?

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