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How To Climb Out Of A Rut & Progress In Life

Chris Plourde is a coach, a businessman, a father, and a husband. He has worked with top athletes and well-known companies, celebrities, moms/dads, and even military special ops. As a Former Master Trainer and Presenter, he created and presented content both nationally and internationally, on the mental and physical aspects of training for peak performance in all areas of life.

Everyone at some point has been in a rut or felt some kind of “stuckness” in their lives – feeling like you want to be motivated and excited to get into action but feeling blocked from doing so.

As a coach it has been my job to suggest a variety of tools to my clients to get their energy and motivation moving again. It’s all in the perspective…I look at “stuckness” as a form of resistance.

Since I have a longtime background in fitness, I use the metaphor of resistance training in order to build muscle or increase our endurance…we must breakdown in order to break through and become stronger. 

Resistance can feel like a stopping place or a barrier to getting what we want, but if we can push through the challenge by using a few tools and techniques, we become stronger and that stuck feeling moves aside for the new energy and momentum we have created. 


Get unstuck from your sticky situation

Here are a few ideas to help change up stagnant energy, get UNSTUCK, and build some serious momentum:

    • Get a Lifeline – Phone a friend: Getting into relationships with the right kind of people can lift our spirits and move us into another gear


    • Remember Your WHY – Connect your purpose – We all have a purpose in life and sometimes we forget. When we can remind ourselves daily of this, it provides us with an internal fire


    • Free Write/Brain Dump: Holding things in clutters the mind and dampens the spirit. Make some time every morning to free write anything that comes up and don’t worry about spelling or full sentences. Try “The Artist Way” as a great book to help with this process


    • Movement: How many times do you move in the course of a day? We are not designed to sit for long periods. Motion is lotion, so plan on moving multiple times a day


    • Cold Showers: I have been on this hype for years and that’s because it wakes you up, shakes you up and releases some good feeling chemicals into your body


    • Get a Coach: Most coaches will give you a discovery call to see if you are a right fit for one another before you make any kind of commitment. Professional sports players all have multiple coaches. If you want to turn PRO in your life it’s a great investment. It has been for me!


    • New Routines: What keeps a lot of people from evolving is the same old same. We should be changing up our routines every 8 weeks or so. Small shifts can lead to big changes


    • Take a class or go on a weekend retreat: Get re-energized and inspired. We have so many options for learning and discovery right now. Whether it’s an online course or an in-person retreat, being around different people in a learning environment opens us up to new ideas and inspirations


    • Breathwork: I can’t say enough about it – SO MANY benefits!! The ultimate mover of energy and emotion! Navy Seals do it, Yogi’s do it and you should too! 


I’m gonna be honest here, I am writing this post based on a lot of personal experience with “stuckness” over the past two years. Being in this pandemic has been a wild ride with a lot of changes for me personally and A LOT of resistance. I came up with this list of tools through trial and error (kind of a real-time, real-life coaching experiment) and I use them regularly to keep myself in more of a flow state and with more ease.

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