The Formulator Kits

Practitioner Prescribed Nutrition

Science-based prescribed nutrition designed to co-support our dietary programs: The Metabolic Reset, The Sleep Diet, and The Gut Reset Diet.

The Formulator Kits are only available to approved members

Purchase one of our Diets for access to exclusive products, as well as a goodie bag sent to your door.

About our Formulated Kits

Our practitioner-prescribed clinical nutritional supplement formulations are clinical high-grade quality natural medicines sourced from practitioner-only premium manufacturers, in other words, these products are not sold in mainstream pharmacies or in retail without a prescription.

At Saving Brothers we are committed to helping men sort their health without barriers and are therefore excited to offer men access to prescribed natural medicine supplements in combination with a nutritional designed health coached program as an additional pathway to further improve and optimize their body mechanics.

*NB - an approval process is applied at each dietary program purchase with an alternate should approval be denied.

Diets we offer

We offer 3 diets to help you boost your health and sleep better


The Sleep Diets

The Sleep Diet is designed to power-up sleep via your gut-brain axis. This 90-day online program is sleep nutritional specific, designed and coached by experienced health clinicians with expertise in sleep, gut microbiome and metabolic health.

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The Metabolic Reset

The Gut Reset Diet is a 12-week program based on evidence based science and is practitioner approved. Geared deliberately to finding out what the type of bugs are living in your gut microbiome we send you a gut microbiome home test kit.

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The Gut Reset

The Metabolic Reset diet is a practitioner designed diet for weight loss and overcoming weight struggles. The 12 week program uses clinically tailored supplements, dietitian approved meal plans together with practitioner health coaching.

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How it works

Saving Brothers will send you an approved or denied notification within 48hours with next steps and links to to set up your profile and lock in important notification settings.

You can start a program that includes a starter kit of prescribed goodies or you can uptake your Formulator Start Kit while you are on the program with us.

It’s your choice. Simply purchase your preferred option.

It’s our job to ensure you are fueled with nothing less than complete goodness and the best.

Give yourself the support you deserve and get yourself on the journey.
Access to specifically chosen practitioner prescribed formulations are matched to work in synergy with each of our curated nutritionally designed diet programs and made available to further support you in your program steps and goals.


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The Formulators

We are a team of collaborative practicing clinicians driven by making a difference in how people feel and care about themselves, in other words holding people’s hands to lift them out of the trenches and get to better places.

One of our secret ingredients comes from spending the past 30 years tirelessly working hands-on in the depths of healthcare with people just like yourself, and teaming up with medical teams and specialists, scientists, and researchers to deliver health needs to solve tricky health problems, and help get people out of spots of bother and back on their feet again.

Every day is a Human Mission for us!

We love it, it fulfills us and lights our days up.

Who approves applicants?


Geraldine Georgeou

Geraldine Georgeou is a well-experienced Accredited Practising Dietitian with over than 20 years’ experience in the industry.


Olivia Wills

Olivia is an up-and-rising Dean’s scholar graduate from the University of Wollongong and an Accredited Practising Dietitian.