Frequently Asked Questions


About mentorship and support for men

What is Saving Brothers? How can it help me?

Saving Brothers is a global community and resource for men from all walks of life – from tradesmen and truck drivers, to tax accountants and town planners.

We know it can be hard for men to talk openly about our struggles, and many struggle alone. We’ve created a place to foster connection and communication, and promote men’s health, men’s self-development and men’s financial wellbeing.

We do this by:

What is the Global Brotherhood?

A community of men supporting men – this includes our mentors, our coaches, our ambassadors and our members.

The Global Brotherhood offers each other judgment-free support, and personal and professional perspectives on common mens’ issues.

Who provides the support? What qualifications do the mentors have?

Our mentors are experts in the fields of health, wealth, and self development - many are running businesses in these disciplines, are authors of books, keynote speakers, and public personalities.

We vet all our coaches and mentors to ensure our members have access to quality content and courses.

Where is Saving Brothers located? Can I access support in my country?

Saving Brothers is the only global platform that focuses on men’s struggles and perspectives. We operate entirely online, so you can benefit from our free Facebook community, our learning resources, our ongoing membership and our one-on-one coaching no matter where you are.

Is Saving Brothers an accredited counselling or mental health provider?

No, we operate differently to a counselling service. Instead, we’re men just like you, who’ve been where you’ve been. We offer community support, expert and peer advice and opportunities for self-development but we do not offer counselling.

I need support right now. Who can I call?

Saving Brothers is not able to offer immediate support or counselling. If you, or someone you know needs support right now, contact the relevant 24/7 crisis line in your region.

Can I access Saving Brothers resources for free?

Yes! Many of our resources are entirely free, including our private men’s Facebook community, and our articles on men’s health, self development and financial wellness.

How do I access the free private Facebook group?

Head to this link and request to join. We look forward to meeting you!

How do the online learning resources and one-on-one sessions work?

Our coaches work with you entirely online via our custom built app. To access this level of support simply become a member today!

The app will become your gateway to your coaching courses and will enable you to check in daily with how you’re feeling out of 10. We’ll reach out to you if we see you may need some extra support that day.

About the Saving Brothers membership

What does the Saving Brothers membership include?

Our membership includes ongoing support, including free access to selected online courses, a discounted rate for additional courses and resources, and access to accountability partners and mentors. You can read more about Saving Brothers membership options here.

How much does membership cost?

$15 USD per month, for full access to all membership features.

If I join the membership, how long am I locked in for?

We don’t believe in lock-in contracts, so you’re free to stay as long as you need or cancel your membership at any time.

About Saving Brothers Ambassadorship

What is a Saving Brothers Ambassador?

If you’re interested in bringing more brothers into the fold, consider becoming a Saving Brothers Ambassador.

You’ll have access to coaching and other resources, and you’ll be remunerated for connecting men to the membership and ambassadorship programs.

You can read more about Saving Brothers Ambassadorship here.

Contributing to Saving Brothers as an expert advisor or guest contributor

I would like to contribute an article to the blog. How can I do this?

We welcome guest contributions! You can read more about our blog and editorial opportunities here.