When we know more, we can do more.

That's why Saving Brothers is dedicated to sharing real stories from men who have overcome their challenges, and real information from experts who want the best for the community.

We welcome submissions from guest bloggers, from health, financial and leadership experts to real men who’ve come through hard times.

Submit an article - what can you share to save a brother?

We welcome guest contributions from all over the world - whether you are an expert in health, wealth, or self topics, or you've struggled in the past and want to share what got you through to help others.

Please adhere to our editorial guidelines before submitting, or you can email us to discuss a topic in mind.

Editorial Guidelines

1. You can submit one article per month: please do not submit more than one within a 30 day period.

2. All articles must be original: We do not accept duplicated content from other published locations. Your article must be exclusively available for Saving Brothers publication.

3. Please write 1000+ words in Microsoft Word: this ensures there is enough content to be of value to our readers, but not too much that will make it overwhelming, while allowing our team to coordinate the submissions.

4. We ask that you write in the following structure: Headline, 1-2 sentence biography in italics with your name hyperlinked to your website and the article to have at least 2 subheadings

5. All articles must be positive: we support and celebrate progress and achievements, and encourage our community to take the next step toward their health, self and wealth goals. Some of our brothers are vulnerable and we take great care in looking out for their welfare.

6. We will assign imagery: to maintain the integrity of the Saving Brothers brand, we will source complementary imagery to accompany the article.

7. Offer value: we are pleased to acknowledge the contribution of our guest writers and experts with backlinks and biographies, however we will not publish any material that is overtly commercial in nature. All articles on Saving Brothers must add value to the reader, with tangible tips, suggestions or opportunities outlined to help our community overcome or reduce the severity of their challenges. 

All articles are considered and vetted by our team, and are subject to change for tone, structure, grammar, ease of reading and appropriate linking to external sites. We reserve the right to publish at our discretion and dismiss article submissions without notice.

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