Supercharge Your Human Connection Skills

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This course is about how to build a network of strong human connections and eliminate the feeling of isolation by learning listening skills and synchronizing your energy with others in the room.

Do you ever feel frustrated because louder more flamboyant people are heard more, taking up the bulk of meetings and getting promoted faster?

This course shows you how to leverage specific speaking, listening and emotional management skills to thrive in the modern economy, while being true to your authentic self.

Use these skills to let the best ideas and purest hearts win!

My story

I wasn’t shy growing up, but my home life didn’t allow me to learn and build normal social skills.

I longed for connection but often this came across as desperate attention-seeking.

I would go to parties and share great stories, yet not feel any more connected, and often feel drained. I enjoyed one on one times when someone really listened and held space for me.

Was I an introvert?

Then I went on a journey to learn about connection

I learned public speaking from Ultraspeaking, and became an Ultraspeaking coach.

I became a CoActive coach and learned active listening skills

I studied counseling techniques and found great value in the CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) strategies for building emotional intelligence.

Your voice, active listening, and emotional intelligence are now my 3 pillars of connection.

Health is more than nutrition and exercise. Connection is the foundation of our health!