Personalized Nutrition in the Microbiome and Epigenetic Age

Nick Bergh Health

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Personalize your nutrition, understand how your history, culture, and individuality play a role.

I take you through the villain foods and why to avoid them, arm you with knowledge on how our genes and gut all interact with our mood, movement, and diet.

Whole foods are good, but which ones and why?

We dive into our culture, genetics, family history, and more. Then the course dives into how you can support yourself further with supplements, prebiotics and probiotics.

Finally, there are several bonus deep-dives into sugar, cholesterol and the keto diet.

This personal nutrition course is easy to navigate and rich with links to research (without bogging you down as you read).

My story

When I was younger, I struggled with weight. I had a poor relationship with food, going to it for comfort.

My athletic goals collided with my poor nutrition, leading me to rethink food. Food became fuel. I learned to customize my nutrition for my life goals.

I read over 80 nutrition books, became a Certified Nutritional Consultant, and wrote a nutrition chapter in a medical textbook, enabling our next generation of doctors to know more about nutrition.

Nutrition is personal. You know this intuitively. This is why everyone around the world did not evolve to eat the same things.

This course takes you on your nutrition journey, based on my years of learning to culminate in being published in a medical textbook.

Certain villain foods are universal, beyond that, we are a product of our history, culture, and environment. Science now supports this, and I take you through these concepts and what they mean for you: your intuition is often right!

Together we are building a great community of self-care enthusiasts. We can learn, grow and support each other for better health.