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This course is specifically designed by Raamon Newman for current or future leaders looking to up their leadership game by developing their self awareness, persuasion, influence & negotiation, and investing in developing yourself and others.

Each module contains both the theoretical and practical components of learning and integrating these key leadership elements including a quiz at the end of lectures to consolidate learning.

Your Full Leadership Mastery Course Entails:

  • The Science of Protection eBook so you can understand how leaders gain an unfair advantage to create stellar success.
  • A deep dive into the key aspects of leadership for high performance motivated leaders who want to maximize their and their team’s potential to achieve recording breaking results in less time without burnout or overwhelm.
  • A very small amount of high-quality time, attention and support working on you, the most primary influencer on the performance of your company, so you’re even more effective in working in and on your business.
  • Transforming your leadership to the next level of mastery in the shortest possible time.
  • You’ll gain tools and insights you practically apply based on our 20 year time and field-tested proven knowledge and experience enabling you to collapse time in your leadership development.
  • These 4 modules will help you breakthrough, achieve, and protect you and your next big milestone with minimal stress, time, & people issues, fear of failure or feeling you have to look over your shoulder all the time.
  • You’ll gain an enhanced ability to get, protect & sustain high performance for yourself and those you lead.
  • Gain more awareness to quickly neutralize any internal or external negativity, stress, vice & incoherence before or after it arises.
  • This will enable you to achieve what you want in the time you want and as much as you want for as long as you want.

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