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This course is designed by Raamon Newman to help you be clear in shaping and leading yourself and your professional and personal environments.

The program gives you both experiential and intellectual understanding of how to experience more:

1. Clarity & coherence to have enhanced spiritual fulfillment
2. Mindfulness & capacity to have a stronger mental mindset
3. Action & Power to have more support for physical achievement

It includes a breathing and meditation component to develop more world-class executive leadership brain functioning.

Course participants (including executives from Accenture) have said:

“This program has really shifted the way I see things and my ability to focus my thoughts and actions”

“It has helped me find my way back to settling my mind”

“I have started a process of seeing things differently after 20 years as a senior executive”

Key Benefits:

• Mindsets that help you envision the future and develop a clear sense of purpose
• Energy and focus on outcomes
• Conscious understanding of blockers 
and actions
• Initiation of proactive change in your 
real world
• Achieving true impact on yourself, 
team, family and organisation

Who is it for

This program is for you if you have a complex environment to lead and are stretched across many initiatives.

You need the time and space to settle and reflect so you can create clarity of perspective and shape your actions as a leader to impact on your organizations and communities.