Beat Stress and Aging

Nick Bergh Health

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This course is FREE as my gift to the Saving Brothers community.

Learn to process stress, set boundaries, and prepare for stress so it doesn’t add years to your life.

This course covers topics such as setting boundaries, sleep optimization, and the types of stress you can avoid.

Then it moves to processing stress by learning to leverage your vagal tone (mind-gut connection), breathing, mindfulness. It also covers the interaction of diet and exercise with your stress levels.

Often we know a stressful week is ahead, so this course covers how to get ready, bank sleep, and build up your resilience ahead of time and over time.

Finally, we tie it all together with a discussion of the ties of stress and aging. As you build resilience and process stress better, then stress will have less of an effect on our health and aging.

This course includes a community component of others taking this and other courses related to their health and resilience, and you can ask me questions in that community or on the Saving Brothers platform, whichever is easier for you.