A portrait of Philip Robison, the founder of men’s health organisation Saving Brothers


“Hi there, I’m Philip Robison, founder of Saving Brothers, and I want you to know one thing: you are not alone, my brother."

I know the fear of a cancer diagnosis and treatment, I have felt the emotional and financial pain of divorce and family separation, and I have experienced the devastating loss of lifelong friends to suicide.

Each took its toll on me and I felt alone, and I didn't want anyone else on the planet to feel like this.

That's where the mission of Keep 5 Alive started - with our goal to teach 5 men to help 5 men. Sounds simple, but when those 5 men tell another 5 men, and those 5 men tell another 5 men... that's 244 million men whose lives will have been impacted in just 11 layers of pledges.

I have built Saving Brothers from the ground up because this brotherhood is what I was missing from my journey. We are creating a global brotherhood that cares for every brother's physical, mental and financial health.

Saving Brothers is a global community and resource for men.

Saving Brothers is about meeting men wherever they are in life, with a focus on empowering men to gain control over their Health, Self and Wealth, and creating connection and better communication, not only for men, but for the women that love and support them.

Two men sit by a cafe window, laughing and drinking coffee

Join the Global Brotherhood

The global brotherhood of contributors and ambassadors offers personal and professional perspectives to help other brothers with whatever they are going through - from prevention and diagnosis, to treatment and recovery; not just in health and addictions, but careers, families, finances and everything else that makes men tick.

Saving Brothers offers a safe place for men to connect, to collaborate, and to challenge each other to sit in the driver's seat of their own life and steer themselves toward a healthier, happier future. We also help the women who support the men in their lives; men’s health is everyone’s business.

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